mydlink™ Wi-Fi Water Sensor


The  DCH-S160  mydlink™  Wi-Fi  Water  Sensor  is  a  wireless  sensor  that  helps  keep  your  home   safe. You can install the probe anywhere and it will help you detect water leaks before serious flooding. If the water sensor is triggered, a 70 dB alarm will sound and an LED will blink to give you audio and visual warnings. You can also use the DCH-S160 in tandem with the DCH-S220 mydlink™ Wi-Fi Siren to increase alarm volume and range. More importantly, stay updated with instant push notifications to your mobile device while you’re away from home!

The  water  detection  cable  supplied  with  the  DCH-S160  is  a  specially-designed  sensor  that  detects  water  along  its  entire  length.  When  water  is  detected,  it  will  trigger  both  an  alarm  siren and an alarm LED so you can hear and see the warnings. You can even extend the range of the sensor by using any RJ-11 phone extension  cable. The  DCH-S160  ‘s  compact  design  is  inconspicuous,  so  it  will  not  detract  from  the  look  of  your  home.  Its white color and sleek, unobtrusive appearance means it blends seamlessly into the background.

A  key  feature,  the  DCH-S160  mydlink™  Wi-Fi  Water  Sensor  can  send  notifications  via  the mydlink™  Home  app  to  your  mobile  device  no  matter  where  you  are.  In  the  event  that  the  DCH-S160  detects  water,  a  notification  will  be  instantly  pushed  to  let  you  know  if  there  is   potential  flooding at home.

The  DCH-S160  mydlink™  Wi-Fi  Water  Sensor  can  be  set  up  easily  via  its  setup  wizard.  Simply   download and install the free mydlink™ Home app from your mobile and follow the step-by- step instructions to quickly configure it. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) support means you can  easily  connect  it  to  your  wireless  network  at  the  touch  of  a  button.  You can  then  configure  policies to trigger other connected home devices whenever the DCH-S160 detects water.