mydlink™ Z-Wave Smoke Alarm


The DCH-Z310 mydlink™ Z-Wave Smoke Alarm is a Connected Home Z-Wave smoke alarm designed to give you an early warning of developing fires. A built-in alarm alerts you and the neighbors whenever smoke is detected, and can be set up to trigger notifications when you’re away. Integrating with D-Link’s HNAP protocol, the DCH-Z310 connects seamlessly with your D-Link connected home Z-Wave gateway, guaranteeing compatibility and getting your connected home network up and running right away. 
Automate Your Home
Using the latest Z-Wave Plus technology, the mydlink™ Z-Wave Smoke Alarm connects to your Z-Wave gateway, and acts as a trigger for your connected home network whenever smoke is detected. If you’re at home, the DCH-Z310’s alarm will alert you to any potential danger. Otherwise, the mydlink™ Z-Wave Smoke Alarm can help monitor your home by automatically switching on mydlink-enabled cameras, or receive notifications to give you warnings when you’re out. Whatever your home needs, mydlink Connected Home has you covered. 
Convenient & Intuitive Setup
The mydlink Home app for your smartphone or tablet allows you to get the DCH-Z310 up and running in minutes. D-Link’s unique HNAP protocol is specially designed for D-Link products to seamlessly integrate with one another, ensuring maximum compatibility and greatly speeding up the connection process. 
Robust Security Features
The DCH-Z310 mydlink™ Z-Wave Smoke Alarm is protected with powerful 128-bit AES encryption, preventing attackers from disrupting the connection between the alarm and your Z-Wave gateway, giving you peace of mind while you’re away from home.