Standalone Media Converters


D-Link’s Standalone Media Converters turn an Ethernet connection into fiber, allowing for ultra-fast long distance connections. Installation of a Standalone Media Converter is simple, and allows you to tap into fiber speeds with ease. Instead of requiring an investment in an entire hassis, the standalone series is able to provide the same high-quality conversion on a unit-by-unit basis. The standalone nature of these means that you can use save space and cut costs while still extending your network over long distances up to 60 km on a fiber-optic line. In addition to all models supporting 10/100 Mbps Half/Full-duplex, the DMC-G01LC also allows for 1000 Mbps Full-Duplexing, letting you truly maximize your network’s potential.

Extend Your Network

Fiber-optic speeds are critical to success, but twisted-pair cabling can only go so far. Using D-Link’s converters you can change a twisted-pair Fast Ethernet connection into a single-mode or multi-mode fiber connection that can go much farther. Converters for distances of anywhere from 2 km to 60 km allow you to optimize your selection.

No Wasted Space

Its compact size fits anywhere and doesn’t require an entire rack. Measuring just 70 mm wide by 95 mm long by 25 mm high, the total volume of one unit is just 0.166 liters. This allows for convenient installation wherever it is needed, especially in limited space environments such as telecommunication cabinets or a distribution box.

Plug & Play

The media converters offered by D-Link include several industry-standard technologies that make them easy to operate, like 802.3u/x/ab1. Auto-MDI/MDIX and Auto-Negotiation make sure your cable connection functions at the highest possible speed while remaining compatible.There’s no management software to configure – simply connect the converter.