Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System


Covr Your Whole Home with One Seamless Network
Gone are the days of only being able to use Wi-Fi in certain areas of your home. Thanks to revolutionary smart roaming technology, the Covr Tri-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System continually scans the wireless signal strength to your devices, automatically connecting them to the strongest signal available. The Covr Tri-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System handles the transfer seamlessly, allowing you to walk from room to room without experiencing dropped VoIP calls or frozen video streams. You enjoy seamless connectivity no matter where you are in the house. Covr ensures your entire home is covered by a single, seamless network using a single network name (SSID), making interrupted connections, drop-outs, and dead spots things of the past.
High-Speed Wired and Wireless Connectivity
With COVR-2202 you can bring the full potential of AC2200 Wi-Fi to any area in your home, including dead spots. Each Covr Point creates its own exclusive high-speed AC2200 Wi-Fi zone for communication with your wireless devices, allowing you to fully experience demanding multimedia applications from anywhere in your home. In addition, Gigabit Ethernet ports give you solid, dependable wired performance for devices such as Network Attached Storage (NAS), media centers, and gaming consoles. Meanwhile, COVR-2202’s unique tri-band design uses a dedicated 5 GHz smart backhaul connection to communicate between Covr Points. This increases network efficiency and ensures that connected devices are always experiencing the best possible performance when connecting to the Covr Points
MU-MIMO and Smart Steering Technology
The Covr Tri-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System features Multi-User Multiple
Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) Wi-Fi, which transmits data to multiple
wireless devices simultaneously to increase speed and efficiency. Enjoy
increased throughput and seamless high-definition streaming media, Internet
phone calls, online gaming, and content-rich web surfing throughout your
entire home or office with Covr.
Additionally, each Covr Point is equipped with tri-band radios and intelligent
band steering. Don’t worry if you don’t know your 2.4’s from your 5’s, Covr
automatically places your device on the optimal wireless band depending
on network traffic conditions. With Covr, this happens seamlessly without
dropouts, lag, or any interruption to your wireless connection; and most
importantly, without you ever lifting a finger.
Easily Expand Your Network
The Covr Tri-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System provides you with a home
network solution that is quick and easy to set up. The Covr Points work straight
out of the box, so you just need to plug them in to get started. Configure your
network in no time with the free D-Link Wi-Fi app on your Android or iOS
mobile device, or use the intuitive web-based interface. Covr is also a scalable
solution - extra Covr Points can easily be added and synced to increase the
reach of your network. Not enough coverage upstairs or in the back room?
Scale up your Wi-Fi by adding another Covr Point to get true whole-home
Adding new wireless devices to your Covr network is a snap thanks to the
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button, which establishes an instant connection
to new devices without the need to enter settings or create passwords. Expand
your network with the touch of a button.