PowerLine HD Day/Night Cloud Camera


The DCS-6045LKT PowerLine HD Day/Night Cloud Camera Kit is an easy to install video surveillance solution. The kit allows you to connect a network camera through your home or office’s existing electrical wiring, directly through your power sockets, eliminating the need to install additional network cabling. With HD video and IR night vision, you can keep an eye on your home or office around the clock in vivid detail. mydlink™ functionality means that you can monitor your camera’s live video from anywhere using an Internet connected PC or mobile device. Motion detection e-mail alerts ensure that you are always aware of any movements whilst you are away and you can even record video using the microSD3 card slot and access it easily to watch later.


Peace of Mind With 24/7 Monitoring of Any Environment

The DCS-6045LKT is an all-in one standalone surveillance solution that requires no special hardware or software, and can run independently even without a PC. Send e-mail notifications with snapshots or video clips whenever motion or sound is detected using just the DCS-6045LKT and an Internet connection. You can customise particular areas to detect motion and you can also set volume limits to detect when a loud sound is picked up by the camera. Night time monitoring is possible with the built-in infrared LEDs which allow you to see up to 6 metres in complete darkness, enabling round-the-clock surveillance of your home or small office.


Data Transmission Over Electrical Wiring


The DCS-6045LKT plugs directly into a power outlet, and does not require any additional cables. PowerLine technology gives you the freedom to place your camera in locations where your existing wired or wireless network just won’t reach; all you need is a power socket! Included in this kit is a DHP-308AV PowerLine AV Mini Adapter, so you can get your new PowerLine camera up and running in no time. Simply connect the included PowerLine adapter to your router and an available power socket, and then the DCS-6045L into another available power socket in your home or office, that’s it!