DVX FXS 8 Card


These private exchange 8-port FXS modules support the D-link SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) internal DVX-8010 bus.
Voltages and currents (supplied by the e-main control module):

  Logic 3.3 VDC @ up to 0.3 amp

   Low battery voltage (off-hook) -24 to -30 Vdc @ up to 360 Milli-Ampere

  High battery voltage -80 to -92 Vdc produces ring -80-92 Volts ring alternate current, Sinusoidal, software programmable via the Asterisk Peripheral Protocol driver.

The modules support 100% electronic telephony operation (no relays) based on solid-state SLICs (Subscriber Line Interface Cards), with built-in surge protection of up to 1,500 Volts.

Additional Functionality

   Caller ID support
   MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) support

The modules include eight RJ11 ports for line connection. Each port has two LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).
The green LED indicates port status:

   Solid Green = off-hook, engaged line
   Blinking green = ringing

The Red LEDs are used for special indications (on, synchronized, active) when the module is installed on the first (leftmost) position in a DVX-8010.

Each module has an on-board 16-pin male connector to support the TCO (telecom connector) option on the DVX-8010.

To assure reliable, long term operation of the FXS modules forced-air cooling is mandatory.