Control module for DGS-8006/DGS-8010 chassis, 320G switching capacity


The DGS-8000 series is available in two models: the DGS-8006 6-slot chassis with 6 open slots, and the DGS-8010 10-slot chassis with 10 open slots. Two open slots are reserved for redundant backup control modules and the other open slots can be fitted with user-selectable port modules. In addition to the open slots, there are 2 slots for redundant backup power supplies, and one slot for a replaceable fan module. This modular architecture allows modules to be gradually added to meet network growth, and modules to be easily swapped anytime to fit network requirement changes.

There are two different Control Module (CM) and I/O module series available for DGS-8000 chassis. Work with 8000-CM1, the Enterprise (E-series) line cards providing wired speed forwarding for enterprise / campus backbone. Work with 8000-CM2, the Data Center (D-series) line card provide up to 2.56TB switching capacity and high density 10G switching for data centers. Deployable as Core or Distribution Switch Using a common set of modules for 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, PoE support, SFP, and 10-Gigabit uplinks, IT personnel can fit a DGS-8000 series switch with different port types and deploy it either as a core switch or an aggregation (i.e. distribution) switch. As a core switch, the DGS-8000 series provides numerous high-speed fiber backbones for a campus and central office network, while as an aggregation switch can provide high port density connections to workstations in an office environment, or to a subscriber’s CPE in a densely populated Ethernet metro area network.