3M 40G QSFP+ to QSFP+ Direct Attach Cable for DXS-3600-EM-4QXS


Twinax passive 40G QSFP + cable is a cost-effective solution that supports the speed of 40 Gbit / s, for connection with a wide bandwidth. Twinax passive 40G QSFP + cable is designed to interconnect switches with 40G interface, while providing a higher data rate than when using standard SFP +. This series of cables includes two models: DEM-CB300QXS (3 meters) and DEM-CB100QXS-4XS with connector QSFP + connectors and four SFP + (1 meter). DEM-CB100QXS-4XS cable allows you to connect up to four servers with 10G ports. Twinax passive 40G QSFP + cable certified and is compatible with the D-Link products to ensure the best performance and reliability.
The ideal solution for high-performance systems
This 40G QSFP + cable supports data transfer rates up to 40 Gbit / s, and provides extremely low crosstalk and power consumption compared with other types of cables. Thus, this cable is the optimal solution, providing high bandwidth over short distances, it is ideal for use, for example, in a rack or between racks in data centers.
Format Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus
Twinax passive 40G QSFP + D-Link cable uses Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus format (QSFP +), which unites four transmit channels and four host channel. QSFP + cable can replace four standard SFP + cable, allowing you to achieve higher port density, efficiency and lower power consumption compared to standard SFP + cable.
Viewed 40G QSFP + D-Link is equipped with a cable with connectors on both sides QSFP +, thus eliminating the need for expensive transceivers QSFP +. Ultimately, the use of such a cable is more economical option compared with fiber-optic cables, used transceivers with the QSFP +