Wireless AC1300 Dual Band USB 3.0 Adapter


Wireless AC Standard

802.11ac1 is a new networking standard that produces high-throughput wireless speed on the 5 GHz
band. This means that you can enjoy clear, smooth streaming HD video from your favorite websites
and services, lag-free online gaming, and clear audio and video calls over the Internet. Wireless AC
gives you the smooth, lightning-fast performance you need to get the most out of your Internet
The DWA-182 supports the MU-MIMO technology, allowing you to fully utilize the power of your
Wireless AC Wave 2 router. When several clients supporting MU-MIMO connect to a Wireless Wave 2
router, it can transmit independent data streams to them simultaneosuly via different antennas. This
allows you to use wireless channel for transmitting data more effectively and significantly improves
overall Wi-Fi throughput.

Compatible With All Your Wireless Products
While the DWA-182 adapter delivers cutting-edge 802.11ac speed to your home network, it’s also
backward compatible with all of your current wireless products.